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Benefits of Pet Massage

Most of the animals in our lives are warm-blooded mammals and share much of the same anatomy that humans do. They reap the same benefits from massage as humans do as well. Our beloved pets generally live in a human created environment which can cause stress and there are many studies that show this can be eased through the use of massage.

Some of the benefits of massage to your pets include:

  • Reduced anxiety – which can result in less barking and chewing for dogs and cats may be less vocal and exhibit less stressful behaviors such as licking and pacing.
  • Regular massage can help to reduce shyness and increase sociability.
  • Some animals can be resistant to grooming. Massage offers a gentle introduction to touching, stroking and eventually brushing.
  • Reduced nervousness and over excited animals.
  • Improved agility and reduced pain and discomfort for ageing animals.
  • Faster and healthier recovery for injured animals.
  • Restore enjoyment of touch to animals that have had a history of neglect or abuse.
  • Provide early detection of conditions that may require veterinary attention.

Massage Services

Paws ‘n’ Claws provide a short 5 minute massage as part of every hydrobath and grooming service however I also offer extended, more therapeutic, massage sessions at an additional cost.

Please note: Pet massage is only provided as an add-on service to pet hydrobath, pet grooming or pet pamper packages. The $5 add-on discount has already been taken into account in the prices below:

  • Additional 10 minute therapeutic massage – $10
  • Additional 20 minute therapeutic massage – $15
Reference: Companion Animals Benefits from Massage Therapy, Institute for Integrative HealthCare Studies,, October 2010. Accessed: July 2012